Ian Botterill is a Consultant in Colorectal Surgery at St James’ University Hospital, Leeds. He has been Lead Clinician for Colorectal Surgery at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust from 2009-2015.



Ian qualified from Cambridge University and University of Manchester with Honours. His initial training was in Manchester, Sheffield and Liverpool, though he undertook the majority of his training in Yorkshire.

He was awarded the Association of Surgeons medal for the outstanding performance in the Inter-Collegiate examination in General Surgery. He joined the Specialist Register in 2002. Prior to taking up his consultant post in Leeds he undertook training in Enhanced Recovery after Surgery (‘ERAS’) in Copenhagen.


Colorectal Surgeon

As a colorectal surgeon, Ian carries out assessment, endoscopy and operations for patients with symptoms and conditions that relate to small and large bowel disease. These include but are not limited to:

colorectal cancer (laparoscopic and open surgery)

inflammatory bowel disease (laparoscopic and open surgery)

diverticular disease (laparoscopic and open surgery)

large bowel polyps (endoscopic removal and trans-anal endoscopic microsurgery)

haemorrhoids, anal fissures, anal fistulae, irritation around the anal canal, pilonidal sinus disease

certain pelvic floor problems

He also treats patients with hernias of the groin and abdominal wall.



Sub-specialist areas of expertise

repair of large / complex / recurrent incisional hernias

-management of patients with intestinal failure (‘short bowel syndrome’)

-patients with radiation damaged bowel (radiation proctitis and radiation enteritis)

-management of large rectal polyps and early rectal cancer

synchronous resection of primary large bowel cancer along with areas of spread to the liver

pilonidal sinus disease


Current and previous roles also include:

-journal reviewer for Colorectal Disease and Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics

-ACPGBI representative on previous National Confidential Enquiries (Deaths after Endoscopy and Deaths in the Elderly after Surgery)

-former member of the ACPGBI Education & Training Committee

-teaching faculty for Royal College of Surgeons courses on Basic Surgical Skills, Laparoscopic Surgery and Care of the Critically Ill Surgical Patient

-trainer in abdominal wall reconstruction

-Lead Clinician for Colorectal Surgery at Leeds Teaching Hospitals 2009-2015

-former Chair and Vice-Chair of Colorectal Cancer Section of the Yorkshire Cancer Network.


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